IFIF joins 1st Meeting of the Steering Group of the Feed Safety Multi-stakeholder Partnership

Jul 27, 2016

Rome, Italy - IFIF joined the 1st Meeting of the Steering Group of the Feed Safety Multi-stakeholder Partnership in which the partners agreed the priorities for action to implement in the first year of the Partnership programme of work.

IFIF is strongly engaged in capacity development efforts and has a strong collaborative relationship with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), including supporting the FAO-led Multi-stakeholder Feed Safety Partnership.

IFIF is a founding member of the Feed Safety Multi-stakeholder Partnership and is actively contributing with it’s IFIF Global Animal Nutrition Programme ‘Train the Trainer’ to the partnership aims.  Click here to see the FAO produced video outlining the main aims of the partnership.

The next meeting of the  Feed Safety Multi-stakeholder Partnership will be in Atlanta, USA on 1 February 2017. Should you be interested in joining as an observer and receiving detailed information on the partnership, please contact the FAO at feed-safety@fao.org.

All stakeholders interested to contribute with financial or in kind (e.g. expertise) resources can join the partnership (e.g. intergovernmental organizations, governmental authorities, academia, farmers, producers and the private sector and the civil society) by sending to FAO a manifestation of interest. Participation is on a voluntary basis with members determining the nature and extent of their contributions. The activities and projects of the partnership should address the needs of target groups on an international, regional or national level. They may be identified, proposed, developed, implemented and or funded individually by members of the partnership or in any collaborative combination. As an interested member, you are welcome to submit your proposals of activities/projects here.

If interested in receiving detailed information and the full partnership documentation, please contact the FAO directly at feed-safety@fao.org or visit: http://www.fao.org/ag/againfo/home/en/news_archive/2016_Call_FAO_Multi-stakeholder_Feed_Safety_Partnership.html.

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