Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock

IFIF is a Member of the Guiding Group of the FAO-led Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.  IFIF has signed the Global Agenda Consensus and actively inputs in the work of the Agenda, and has supported the development of the initiative since its beginnings in 2010.

The Agenda is a partnership of livestock sector stakeholders supported by the FAO and committed to the sustainable development of the sector. Together we develop and implement an ambitious Agenda to ensure that sector growth contributes to socially desirable objectives The partnership brings together public and private sector, producers, research and academia, civil society, NGOs, and inter-governmental organisations to focus on three areas of work:

  1. Focus area Closing the efficiency gap: This aims to stimulate the application of existing but not widely used technologies by the bulk of the world’s producers whose use of natural resources is often greatly inefficient. Agenda partners will develop public-private and other forms of partnership to transfer and adapt resource use efficient technologies.
  2. Focus area Restoring value to grassland: This pursues a better management of grazing land which can contribute to carbon sequestration, protection of water and biodiversity but also enhanced productivity and livelihoods. Agenda partners will explore and promote the financial and institutional innovations required for the delivery of grassland-related ecosystem services.
  3. Focus area Waste to worth: This aims at recovering and recycling nutrients and energy contained in animal manure, particularly from intensive and confined livestock production operations. Agenda partners will develop planning tools and regulatory and incentive frameworks to support viable manure management and create opportunities for recycling.

You can find out more details about the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock here.