Partnership on Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP)

IFIF, together with the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and the European Compound Feed Manufacturers’Federation (FEFAC), joined this FAO-led Partnership in 2012 to improve how the environmental impacts of the livestock industry are measured and assessed, an important step to reduce the impact of livestock products on the environment.

LEAP aims at developing internationally agreed LCA methodologies for livestock. The feed industry has put a lot of effort into LEAP and has contributed to the development of global feed LCA guidelines. The final publication of the Global Feed LCA Guidelines methodology in April 2015 represented a significant achievement and milestone.

The Guidelines provide practical and science-based recommendations to assess the environmental performance of feed supply chains. They carry an international scientific consensus based on the input of twenty international experts in the drafting process and a thorough international public review which took place ahead of this official release. The guidelines can be accessed on the LEAP website:

The LEAP Partnership involves stakeholders across the livestock sectors, all who share an interest in improving the environmental performance of livestock supply chains. The objective is to develop comprehensive guidance and methodology for understanding the environmental performance of livestock supply chains.

The Partnership promotes an exchange of data and information, technical expertise and research geared towards improving and harmonizing the way in which livestock food chains are assessed and monitored.

For more information please visit the LEAP website.