Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) Secretariat – call for candidates – deadline 05 October 2018

Sep 17, 2018

The GFLI Management Board is looking for suitable candidates to effectively coordinate the GFLI activities as the initiative continues to develop. Deadline for submission of applications to is 05 October 2018.

The Global Feed LCA Institute ( is an independent feed industry initiative with the aim to develop a freely and publicly available Feed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) database and tool. This will allow for globally harmonised assessments and benchmarking of environmental footprint calculations of feed production. The objective of the GFLI is to support meaningful environmental assessment of livestock products and to stimulate continuous improvement of the environmental performance in the feed industry.

The GFLI has also established a formal partnership with the FAO and LEAP (Livestock Environmental Assessment Performance) ensuring it is compliant as regards methodological requirements.

The founding members of the GFLI are the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF), the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC) and the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC).

The GFLI relies on an innovative governance mechanism, based on regional and sectors projects which populate the database. Regional and sectors projects are led by a consortium of feed companies and associations. All regional projects follow the same procedure for data collection, to ensure global consistency. There are currently three regional projects within GFLI (EU, North America and Brazil), one sector project (fish feed ingredients) as well as ongoing discussions to launch new projects. The GFLI objective is to add new regions and sectors on a continuous basis.

The executive body of the GFLI is the GFLI Management Board, composed of representatives of the regional and sector projects, a chairperson which does not represent any project and a representative of the IFIF. The LEAP Partnership is also sitting in the GFLI Management Board with an observer status. The GFLI Management Board oversees all activities of the regional projects.
The GFLI is managed by a Secretariat and the GFLI Management Board is now looking for suitable candidates to effectively coordinate the GFLI activities as the initiative continues to develop.

The role of the GFLI Secretariat

The role of the GFLI Secretariat includes the following:

  • Responsible for the execution and implementation of the work plan as defined by the GFLI Management Board
  • Support the GFLI Management Board in their decision making process, including with selection of external technical support
  • Manage the coordination and facilitate synergies between the different GFLI projects
  • Management of GFLI Technical resources / consultants
  • Management of GFLI budget, in collaboration with the GFLI Treasurer, including regular reporting to the GFLI Management Board
  • Drafting of all documents (agenda, preparatory documents, etc.) necessary for the meetings or conference call
  • Drafting of meeting / conference call reports / minutes;
    Collecting and reviewing contributions of GLFI members, liaising with relevant external players
  • Manage coordination between GFLI external technical support and GFLI members, including with the GFLI Management Board
  • Support the GFLI expansion, including launching new GFLI projects and recruiting of new GFLI members
  • Responsible for the GFLI marketing and communication activities (such as drafting of press releases and communication documents, GFLI website management, GFLI newsletter)
  • The secretariat reports to the Management Board and is managed by the GFLI Chairperson.

Qualification and skills required

  • University degree in a related field of study.
  • Fluency in English: professional writing skills are highly desirable.
  • Experienced in working in an international environment.
  • Track record of accuracy and precision of working, delivery of results in a timely manner.
  • Strong project management capacities.
  • Understanding of environmental challenges associated with feed and livestock supply chains.
  • At least familiar with Life Cycle Analysis and life cycle thinking, technical expertise in LCA and LCA database management would be a plus.

Time commitment required: This is a part time independent consultant role with an estimated time commitment of 1 day / week. Fees are based on level of the candidate and experience.

For further information or questions about the GFLI and this search and to submit your proposal please contact with the subject line ‘GFLI Secretariat’.

Deadline for applications is 05 October 2018.