Working with partners across the Agri-Food chain

IFIF strongly believes all partners along the agri chain have to work together to ensure sustainable and safe feed and food in the future.

IFIF works closely with other chain partners with the objective to find a common voice to address the challenges and opportunities in the agri chain, including with the following organisations:

  • HealthforAnimals
  • International Dairy Federation (IDF)
  • International Egg Commission (IEC)
  • International Meat Secretariat (IMS)
  • International Poultry Council (IPC)
  • Global Dairy Platform (GDP)
  • Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (RTSB)
  • World Farmers Organisation (WFO)
  • World Renderers Organization (WRO)

IFIF works on a number of strategic join initiatives with these partners, including coordinating input and efforts at the FAO-led LEAP Partnership, the Global Agenda and the FAO Private Sector Initiative.