Our Strategic Pillars

Our Strategic Pillars

In order to fulfill IFIF’s vision and mission and to support our industry on the road to the future, IFIF’s work is centered on three strategic pillars:

I.   Sustainability
II.  Regulatory & International Standards
III. Education & sharing of Best Practices

IFIF is a member driven organization and experts from the membership actively participate in IFIF’s Standing Committees, Working Groups & Projects under IFIF’s three strategic Pillars.

Working within the three Pillars, IFIF’s experts cover the range of key issues for the feed industry, and contribute to the development of global feed and food industry standards. The key projects being undertaken under the three Pillars include:

Pillar I: Sustainability

One of the key parts of IFIF’s mission is to continue to support and encourage the sustainable development of animal production. To this end IFIF work’s with our members and chain partners to measure and improve the environmental performance of the livestock production chain.

Pillar II: Regulatory & International Standards

Another key part of IFIF’s mission is to support worldwide trade and ensure that future demands for feed and food can be met efficiently. IFIF works to promote a balanced regulatory framework to support a fair global playing field to facilitate market access and support the competitiveness of the feed and livestock industries.

Pillar III: Education & Sharing of Best Practices

To further strengthen the sustainability of the feed and food chain, IFIF supports producers and regulators around the world with a good practices manual and training workshops.