I. Sustainability

I. Sustainability

One of the key parts of IFIF’s mission is to continue to support and encourage the sustainable development of animal production.

Specialty Feed Ingredients Sustainability Project (SFIS)

Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI)
Partnership on Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP)
Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock
Nutritional Innovation to promote Animal Health and Welfare

One of the key Pillars underlying IFIF is working with its members to meet the sustainability challenge – produce more, using less, at an affordable cost. IFIF’s main contributions in this critical area focus on the following three elements, which are overseen by the IFIF Sustainability Steering Group, made of senior sustainability experts and thought leaders form our Members:

  • Promote global standards to assess the livestock production impact on the environment.
  • Leverage and support relevant multi-stakeholder environmental sustainability initiatives with the IFIF brand.
  • Communicate the positive contributions from the feed sector on the environmental sustainability of livestock production to the relevant public and private stakeholders.

Over the last decades through innovation and efficiency, animal feed has proven to be an essential part of the solution to make the livestock production chain more sustainable.

IFIF’s work with our members, as well as international organizations, such as FAO, as well as our agri-food chain partners to measure, benchmark and reduce the greenhouse gases (GHG) impact of livestock production globally.

These efforts continue strongly and IFIF provides leadership and expert input to FAO-led sustainability initiatives, including the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock and the Partnership on Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP). In September 2020, LEAP published the guidelines on the environmental performance of feed additives in livestock supply chains, which follows the publication of the Global Feed LCA Guidelines methodology in April 2015 – these guidelines represented a significant achievement and milestone.

Furthermore, IFIF has developed a number of strategic initiatives to measure and benchmark the environmental performance of the livestock production chain. IFIF is founding member of the Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI), which used the FAO LEAP methodology to develop a golden global standard for assessing and benchmarking feed industry impact and improvement in LCA calculation, in order to support the reduction of the environmental footprint of livestock products.

IFIF has also together with the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FEFANA) and a consortium of international companies and associations, launched the Specialty Feed Ingredients Sustainability Project (SFIS), which measured and established the role of specialty feed ingredients (SFIs) on the environmental impact of livestock production.