The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) represents and promotes the global feed industry as an essential participant in the food chain that provides sustainable, safe, nutritious and affordable food for a growing world population.

Given the anticipated growth of the world’s population to around 9 billion people by 2050, and the associated higher demand for animal proteins like beef, poultry and fish, it is vital that we can meet this challenge in a sustainable and safe way.

IFIF believes that only by working together with all stakeholders in the feed and food chain, including governments, the private sector and non-governmental groups, can we meet the demands of 60% more food, including animal proteins like beef, poultry, fish and dairy products in the future.

IFIF is made up of national and regional feed associations from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East, as well feed related organizations and corporate members from around the globe. Overall, IFIF members represent over 80% of total compound animal feed production worldwide.

Consumer trust and confidence in the safety of the whole food supply chain is vital and IFIF helps to ensure high standards of health and welfare for animals and people, by collaborating with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH), the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other international bodies to help set international regulatory standards for the whole feed chain and support fair trade.

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  • IFIF Fact Sheet 2023

    Published 13-06-23 (.pdf)

  • Evaluation of the change in fermentation and metabolites profile on animal health and welfare

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

  • Evaluation of the impact of nutrient digestibility conditions on pigs and poultry health and welfare

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

  • Evaluation of the impact of gastrointestinal conditions on the health and welfare of ruminants

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

  • IFIF Nutritional Innovation Glossary

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

  • IFIF Definition of Adequate Nutrition

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

  • IFIF Nutritional Innovation Statement

    Published 09-05-23 (.pdf)

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Market Data

  • California Feed Report

    Published on Tuesdays (.txt)

  • California Grain Report

    Published on Thursdays (.txt)

  • Daily National Grain Market

    Published daily (.pdf)

  • Kansas City Feedstuffs

    Published daily (.txt)

  • Cornbelt Weekly Foodstuffs Report

    Published on Tuesdays (.txt)

  • Soyabean Crush Report

    Published on Thursdays (.txt)

  • National Weekly Ethanol Summary

    Published on Wednesdays (.pdf)

  • National Feedstuffs Weekly Review

    Published on Wednesdays (.txt)

Feed Events

  • IFIF FAO Annual Meeting 2023 & 36th IFIF General Assembly

    Nov 16, 2023 – Nov 17, 2023

    Rome, Italy. For IFIF Members only.

  • 17th International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) 2024

    Jan 29, 2024 – Jan 30, 2024

    Atlanta, USA. By invitation only for IFIF Members and Feed Regulators. For more information please click here.

  • International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2024

    Jan 30, 2024 – Feb 1, 2024

    Atlanta, USA. For more information please visit

  • 2024 Purchasing and Ingredient Suppliers Conference

    Mar 12, 2024 – Mar 14, 2024

    San Antonio, TX, USA. For more information please click here.

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