Guidance on International standards for contaminants in feed

In 2018 IFIF launched a database on international standards for contaminants in feed.

At international level recommended standards exist for contaminants in food additives but not for feed additives, making risk management decisions difficult. This may also impact on regulatory compliance of internationally traded specialty feed ingredients.

The objective of this expert group is to establish or identify and maintain an appropriate international list of contaminants standards for ingredients and their mixtures for safe feed manufacture reflecting a risk-based approach.

The IFIF WG has completed the first version of the IFIF Feed Contaminants Database, which provides a reference overview for Animal Feed Contaminants in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Europe, South Africa, USA and Vietnam.

This database is available for download below only for IFIF members. If you are an IFIF member please login to access the database. Should you have questions please email

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