Taxonomy Name Updates

The global feed industry is challenged with the rapid scientific advancement in the taxonomic classification of microorganisms that is continuously leading to changes on the genus and species level. Whenever the scientific bodies update the taxonomic classification of a microorganism at the genus or species level, it impacts the name of the microorganism and as a consequence, the animal feed industry.  

Taxonomic reclassifications like these do not change the safety nor the efficacy of the microorganisms, under their current conditions of use. They are a name change only. 

The feed industry is heavily regulated across the globe and jurisdictions have different perceptions of updates caused by taxonomic reclassification and are utilizing different approaches on how to make the necessary updates leading to potential disruption in the international marketplace.

The International Feed Industry Federation has identified challenges facing the global feed industry from these “taxonomy updates” including label inconsistencies, confusion in the market and difficulty importing into certain countries. Therefore, IFIF is raising awareness with regulatory bodies around the world and urging cooperation between the regulators and industry to establish suitable procedures to update the nomenclature of microorganisms that works for both industry and regulators.

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