Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI) launches branded data pilot project

Jan 31, 2022

The Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI), of which IFIF is a founding Member, launched a ‘Branded Data’ Pilot on 27 January 2022, which enables lifecycle inventory/ impact assessment (LCI/A) data for a feed ingredient marketed under a certain brand to be placed in the GFLI database. 

The Branded Data Pilot was developed with the aim of defining a robust process and standardised approach for including branded data in the GFLI database – the pilot, which will run for one year, will test this approach.

IFIF contributed to this process through a joint GFLI / IFIF / FEFANA Working Group which supported the GFLI Technical Management Committee with their efforts to implement the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership (LEAP) guidelines Part 2 ‘Methodology for quantification of environmental impacts from manufacturing/production of feed additives’ in the GFLI methodology. 

This Working Group, composed of experts drawn from the three organisations developed a methodology for considering the evaluation of the environmental footprint of the manufacturing of feed additives. 

This proposed methodology is based on the LEAP guidelines on feed additives and in coordination with the GFLI methodology for other types of feed ingredients (mainly agricultural and processed agricultural products). The proposed methodology was adopted by the GFLI TMC at its December meeting and can now be applied by feed additives manufacturer willing to include data in the GFLI database.

In addition to the methodology development, the GFLI/IFIF/FEFANA working group also proposed the approach (covering both feed additives and other feed ingredients) for developing branded data for feed ingredients. This approach was adopted by the GFLI TMC during its December meeting and is now the basis of the GFLI Branded Data Pilot. 

As a next step, applications for the GFLI branded data pilot are open and should your organisation wish to apply you can find more details on the GFLI website at: The deadline is 06 March 2022.