IFIF Annual Report 2020 / 2021 launched

Oct 7, 2021

The 2020/2021 IFIF Annual Report highlights the Federation’s work, partnerships and accomplishments over the last two years, including an update from IFIF’s national & regional association members from around the globe.

In the last two years, the global Pandemic has upended the way we do business and has highlighted to the world that the feed industry is an essential participant in the food chain. Around the world, the feed industry stepped up to meet the challenges of the Pandemic and ensure a continued supply of feed and therefore food.

Despite these challenging times, in the last two years IFIF has grown even stronger and in 2020 and 2021 the Federation initiated and participated in a number of important activities, while strengthening its relationship with key stakeholders across the chain, and solidifying IFIFs position as the voice for our industry globally.

The 2020/2021 IFIF Annual Report also provides an accounting of IFIF’s organisation, structure, membership, as well as IFIF’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Click here to view the 2020/2021 IFIF Annual Report.