FAO/IFIF webinar: ‘Feed Safety – Good Practices for the Feed Sector Matter’ – 05 February 2021

Jan 29, 2021

The FAO Sustainable Livestock Technical Network, the Animal Production and Health Division and the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) held a webinar on 05 February 2021 about the newly launched manual Good Practices for the Feed Sector and why feed safety is a key element in the sustainable production of food of animal origin and a necessity for food safety and animal health and welfare.

In case you did not have a chance to attend the webinar, you can watch the webinar recordings here: Part I and Part II 

You can also download the presentation by Angela Pellegrino Missaglia, IFIF: Highlights of the ‘FAO/IFIF Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Sector’.

Do you still want to ask questions to the speakers? Access a Q&A section here to see also the answers to the questions raised during the webinar.

Rapidly growing consumption of food of animal origin, especially in many emerging economies, has been associated with an increased use of animal feed and represents a daunting challenge in some production environments. The challenge has not only been to meet the growing demand for feed, but also to ensure its safety. Feed safety is a key element in the sustainable production of food of animal origin: it is a prerequisite for food safety and human health, as well as a necessity for animal health and welfare; it is a component of access to trade, income generation and economic sustainability. In fact, feed is an integral part of the food chain and its safety has been recognized as a shared value and a shared responsibility.

FAO is committed to assist countries to ensure feed safety and to comply with the relevant Codex Alimentarius requirements. More specifically, in partnership with the International feed Industry Federation (IFIF), FAO has recently launched the manual of Good Practices for the Feed Sector. This publication wants to be a valuable tool to increase knowledge and improve feed safety at the production level, benefiting from latest scientific and technical knowledge. In applying a One health approach, it aims at contributing to ensure the production and availability of safe, nutritious and diversified food of animal origin for all, while respecting the environment and the welfare of the animals we care for. It especially addresses on-farm feed production at smaller and medium scales, to ensure that the expanding livestock sector can be of benefit for farmers more in need. The manual recognizes also some newer global concerns, such as the containment of antimicrobial resistance and shows the contribution of feed safety.

Programme: ‘Feed Safety: Good Practices for the Feed Sector Matter’

1. Opening – FAO

2. Introduction – A successful public private sector collaboration to drive feed safety around the world – Daniela Battaglia, FAO & Alexandra de Athayde, IFIF

3. Highlights of the ‘FAO/IFIF Manual of Good Practices for the Feed Sector’ – Angela Pellegrino Missaglia, IFIF

4. Panel discussion – Practical applications of the Manual and the way forward
Gracia Brisco, Codex Alimentarius Secretariat
Harry I. Nnjoagwuani, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science
Mojtaba Zaghari, University of Tehran, Iran
Daniel Bercovici, Chairman, IFIF

5. Q&A – discussion with panellists and participants